Work in progress at UAL display studio

Display the prototype, some idea of the project intent to gather the information opinion from people, from 30 Feb until 10 March 2017 @ Elliphan&Castal shopping center.

What am I going to display?

I set up some display include

– the paper that tells the concepts idea about this project

– a big robot model, intend to grab the attention of people and let them if the robot is very big and is bad robot how is dangerous for us.

– a video that shows the current situation the researcher try to teach every human skill to the robot, human research on the robot like the robot does not the has heart which can kick and hit.

– the bin robot, an example of everything in our daily life turn into the robot. Bins not only at home but also in the public area include the shopping mall. The thing that we unexpected to be the robot but in the future, it may be.

– the post it of many sentences that let viewer thing about this situation such as; what do you want me to do? I am a good robot, I am a bad robot, I live with you.

– the board that allow people share their own idea

– the prop; gun and robot arms

Work in progress-research, experiment on human 1

Work in progress-research, experiment on human 2


How about the result from the displayed?

I found some people stop to look at the project some of them watched the video, some of them interested in the bin robot, some of them came to inside the room and talk with me and left the message. Moreover, some of them stop and read the hold detail of this project.


Work in progress-research, experiment on human

Work in progress-research, experiment on human 3