Are the older people interesting to learn Science and technology?

Primary research #1

I attend  John Wilson’s British Sign Language tour of Wonderlab for survey how the deft older people interact with the exhibit, How are they feel about sciences and technology.


The result:

Wonderlab at Science Museum display exhibition about the bountiful of the world of Science. In this area allow people play with the interactive exhibit, discover the magic of Science the exhibition divided into seven topics: Matter, Sound, Space, Maths, Electricity, Forces, and Light.

I found that adult people interesting to learn about science. They enjoy and participate in each session. For the deaf person, they can play with all exhibit, and they enjoy the science phenomenal they saw when they interactive with the exhibition. I found that they have the problem to interactive the exhibition in sound area.  One of the exhibits that I saw them play with is the Visible vibrations, they can see the response action when they change the frequency and volume, but they can not hear difference sound like others person. However, they can understand the science phenomenal by movement of the water that response to their action.


The elder people and Science, Technology learning 1 The elder people and Science, Technology learning 2 The elder people and Science, Technology learning 3