How older learning digital technology? Is it hard or easy for them to learn technology?

Today 24 Feb 2017, I joined Digital Clinic event as a volunteer at Kensington Park Road. The event is about advice older people who suffer from using the computer and digital technology. There are three volunteers and one staff from an organisation advice older people and help to solve their problem. I have a chance to advice one older people about using Facebook and using her iPad. The problem that she dealing with is about she want to delete old facebook account because of she write something wrong and unknown person was her friend on facebook which she does not want. She can not delete the account because of she forget username and password. I try to ask her about her email, but she can not remember the email that she used for the old Facebook account. In this case, I can help her to solve the problem only tell her to try to find the information about your email account. Another problem is about she want to unfriend with someone on her Facebook that she do want to be the friend. She said,   “I do know why I am friend with this person”. I did say anything, no comment because of I know that it come from many ways to be a friend on Facebook. I think she had done something. I did not explain because of may be complex more than she can understand. So I only teach her to unfriend on Facebook. Others issue that I help her are changing a picture on the cover page,  creating photo album on iPad, closing to tracking her location on Facebook, setting the privacy.


One point that let me think about teaching older people to use application. Older people do not understand how is program or software that they are using work. They do not know the action that we call for interact with an application like “click”, “double click”. And also the common name of each element on the screen we call such as an icon, shortcut, menu bar. I try to use another word to communicate with her. She does not understand the information are displayed on the screen will show automatically by the program some information she can change some information she can not change. She wants to change the appearance on the Facebook which can not change it. I try to explain to her it seems to she do not understand at the first time that I explain to her. She turns to ask the staff replace me. It seems to she quite accept the fact that staff tell her more than me, on this point the trust will help her believe the fact. After I teach her a lot and help her solve her problem is seem she trust me that I am one person that can give an advice about IT technology to her.


To be the volunteer for teaching older people to use the technology. We must have a tolerant because of we can achieve success at the first time that I try to teach them. I may be second or third.


I ask another volunteer, Why you want to be a volunteer? She said I want to help other people, “we know them (digital technology) why we did not tell them and help older people to know” (one volunteer on the event).


Nowadays we live in the information age; everything surrounds us almost using digital technology. The way we access the important information about our daily life is formed digital format. We using a smart card for access personal information of the government service. We use a credit card for shopping and shopping online. The information is prepared in form digital format. Some service will be done online via website, web application. We using email to sending the information and communicate to each other. And also others activity are available online. This era is easy for young generation which born with it but very for older people who far from technology. Can you imagine is our world change to completely digital world How older people can live and can do an activity with the digital technology? They will be afraid to use it.