Turning point of the design

From my first idea of the whole system that allows older people interact with volunteers.  And the public interacts with the volunteer. The main problem on this tribe, volunteer for older people. One part is the problem that occurs with older people that I want to solve at the initial idea.  From my point of view and from the analysis of the possibility of success in this part is very hard to achieve, a cause of deal with time limited and ethic to study on older people.  So I change my angle to solve another problem which occurs with volunteers. Base on I part of one volunteer, sometimes I feel very tired to continue to be a volunteer. Nobody, know I am a volunteer, doing the good things for community except older people and the leader of the community. The volunteer is not the permanent worker. It very often happens, gets in and gets out. One the reason they do not have enough energy to continue be the volunteer.


Volunteers Tag design

I start to find the way that general people can give the energy to the volunteer, is mean cheer them up.

I design the tag that allows public people can interact with it. The tag will show the level of volunteer energy and general people in public are can touch the tag to give the energy to the volunteer individually. The idea comes from I saw many people hang the tag on their backpack.


Social things- Volunteers Tag Design 1

After I had designed and created it I try it by myself. I  hang it on my backpack, carry it walk through the public area, took the tube. Many people look at the tag but not touch it. I during I sat on the tube, the backpack is on my lap, people who sit the opposite me can see the tag dominantly. I feel shy sometimes.


Social things- Volunteers Tag Design 2