I have to change the way for people of people encourage volunteer, full fill the energy.

The big doll is very to build so I change the idea to create the big flower replace it.

Social things-the flower of energy


Where the idea come from?

In the natural flower will growth up with the energy from the sun, water, and some mineral. The oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas also the source for generating the energy for the plant. If the flowers do not receive enough water and sunlight will droop and close to die. If we represent the flower as the volunteer is mean like when volunteers lose much energy for their work like the flower lose energy but have not the water and sunlight the flower will droop, the volunteer will turn into the non-active person.


Social things-the flower of energy 1


The way that people give energy to the flower is meant to give the energy to the volunteer. The physical action and reaction of the flower will let the people think about the volunteer. The status of the flower will show the whole of volunteers’ energy at that time.


The first prototype of the flower of energy


The second prototype of the flower of energy