Robot technology

The robot technology is another one technology that influent me to think about what is our world of the future look like? We maybe see the robot everywhere, uncertainty situation. We know the robot technology still exist, but we do not know exactly it look like in the future.

The history of the robot comes from human imagination. There is some history about the robot.

Robotics: A Brief History

A brief history of robotics – a timeline of key achievements in the fields of robotics and AI, from Azimov to AlphaGo

7 Early Robots and Automatons


I went to the Robot exhibition at Science Museum on 13 Feb 2017. The purpose of visiting for reviewing the robot technology and update new information of this technology. There is some interesting information about this exhibition and some interpretation from my point of view.

When the machine can move is led our think it is the magic thing. The automation technology, the machine can move automatically, is seem to be the early idea of making machines can do some task by them self. The clockwork mechanisms are applied in many automation projects. The greatest in 18th-century is the Silver Swan. The swan can move automatic follow the sequence of action that set by an inventor. When music play the swan move its head left and right, and then turn its back to preen its. After that, it catches a fish from the water and the last sequence black to the start position.

Robot technology 1

The Silver Swan (1773), photo took from science museum London

The automation technology is spread out to many areas, one is for entertainment, performance such as the Mechanical Turk ( more infromation  Chess Robot The Turk ) . It controversy topic at that time, The question are asked was is the thinking machine? Automation, are using especially in manufacture. Automatic looms are built in large number for weaving cloth. It changing the way of textile making, it the universal textile machine around the world in 19th century. The worker are fear to automation technology.

Robot technology 2

Single -shuttle loom (The UK, 1895 ) photo took from Science Museum London.

The science-fic film inspires human imagination about the robot. Fritz Lang’s 1927 showed how the robot look like   Metropolis (1927) Fritz Lang – Rescore by The New Pollutants. The Star Wars film, The Terminator film, I-robot, Wall-e, Transformer,..etc.  This is the list of 25 movies about the robot The 25 Best Movie Robots of All Time. The move led our imagination about, how the robot looks like, how the robot in the future, It is useful or dangerous, Can the robot do and thinking like the human.

The physical body and ability of human are built into the robot. Not only this two things but also our human mind. In the 20th century, we had developing many technologies for build the robot, make the machine look like us. There are the example of technology that we created for build the robot;

 – Locomotion the technology for make the robot can walk:  i-Walk technology

– Maipulation: can recogenise the object about them know the meaning of the object.

– Perception. Computer vision

– Intelligent: cybernet

-Movement: Machine learning

-Interaction the technology for make the robot can speak, react with people.

-Communication the technology for make the robot can communicate to other have emotion, feeling.