I will be live with you: i-Bin robot

(i-Bin robot story 2- V.1)


i-Bin robot,

i-Bin is an intelligent bin robot. It a speculative design project to propose a new system for the future when we are surrounded by robots. The robot will live with us, not only in our home but also in the public area. This robot design integrated with three technologies; Robot, IoT, and AI which allows machines to communicate with each other. The robots have their brain and mind. They can decide to do things by themselves without human control. Their decision making is based on the knowledge which human teach the robot to do.


Intelligent Bin robot system or i-Bin is an example for the future system.  i-Bin robot will send the garbage data automatically to the government database. The data will be used to managing the garbage in that area. Uncertainty, in the future, if we want to throw the garbage, we must pay the fee for it. In the future, if i-Bin robot has mind, how human interact with the bin robot? The bin is dirty, do human will love the intelligent robot which has emotion like human?