Formulating a Research Question

What is the research question?  A research question is a clear, focused, concise, complex and arguable question around which we centre our research. We should ask a question about an issue that you are genuinely curious about.

Task: Generate a series of research questions from your chosen topic. Evaluate your questions and reflect on the kind of audience you are addressing, the clarity, focus and complexity of the questions. Reflect and focus your questions until you arrive at one.


After I did this task that led me to think about the main goal that I want to achieve. The scope of this research, the big question that I intend to explore in this research. I have many questions and many angles to experiment but the one research we should experiment to answer one big question.


The area that I interested in researching is that exhibit, exhibition design for science and technology museum.

Currently, we have much new technology are launch every day.  The exhibition designers try to use the new technology to create the new experience for the visitor when visiting the museum. Obviously, the new technology is promoted to attract visitor come to visit the museum. Some technology is very expensive. Some technology may be not fit the museum. Many issues that exhibition design should concern when they create an exhibit. So there are my the question around this area, exhibit design.


1. How we can apply digital technology create an exhibit for each purpose for science and technology museum.

2. How can we create the tangible interface?

3. How to turn the thing into the tangible interface?

4. What is the benefit of the big screen interactive it worthwhile to create?

5. Are visitors prefer to play with digital exhibit more than low tech exhibit?

6. How to create an exhibit which has enjoyment, collaboration, and participation?.

8. Can exhibition without graphic board, change the graphic board to interactive way?

9. What kind of the content that we can apply 3D immersive technology to create an exhibit?

10. 3D immersive with gestural interaction and tangible interface, what are the pro and cons in term of visitor participation, collaboration, and engagement?

11. Can tangible interface improve the experience of the interactive wall, floor?

12. Gestural interface and tangible interface which one is better for the interactive exhibit?

13. How can we change the serious science and technology content turn to the enjoyment and playful learning with interactive exhibit?

14. What is the role of the decorate interactive exhibit and Can we deliver some messages?

15. How can we apply sensor technology for creating an exhibit?

16. What are the children learn from science and technology museum?

17. How is the appearance of the exhibit have an effect to the visitor in term of experience and attraction?

18. What is the good combination of the exhibit for science and technology museum?

19. What is the different of experience between interacting in the real exhibit and via online exhibit?