Easy or difficult to be a volunteer?  Can everyone be a volunteer?

Today-23 Feb 2017 I went to volunteer introduction day of one community. Four people intend to be the volunteer came to this meeting. Two staff give much information about the background of the community, the current issue of the elder people, what is the volunteer, what is the community what to do, the rule that tells what thing we can do or can not do, the limitation or the bound between volunteer and older people, and the risk and how to protect the risk.


After I finished the meeting I feel, it is not easy to be a volunteer for elder people especially this project that I want to be the volunteer. And also not everyone can be the volunteer for this community, we must pass the qualification checking.

There is some topic that we discuss the volunteer.

– why we need the volunteer for older people

– why you want to be a volunteer.

– what would the volunteer do and can not do?

I found some interesting points led me to think about Why the volunteer for older people should have the council or organisation for taking care and support. The weak connection group of the volunteer can not do this activity.