Project: 1.1 William Morris Project

This project to explore an idea for interaction design in context of Museum and Galleries. To create a different way for interact with gallery which bring a new experiences to visitor in order to educate and entertain an audience.

Alpha version of the project

The alpha version of the projects The Craft, Culture, and Nature gallery “building awareness, making an experience and telling the attitude.” From the whole research, William Morris is the craft man,  his work inspired by nature. From his quotes and now our world face with environment issue; huge garbage, global warming, climate change. The one reason is the thing that human make to support their daily life. And the result of this survey that I did, Objects and Craft attitude survey, the 95 participants from UK, Thailand, and other countries, led us to create this gallery.   They think crafts is important. “London… More

coding the program

Start implement the interactive program Quick program software developing, test the error by myself. And the alpha version to test with my flatmate.   unexpected action has happened and the confusing on UI will be found by testing. More

Choosing the software program

What did I do in this step? I want to find the possible program that can create the interactive program in this project. I experiment to using the software program. Why did I do this step? We have much software that can create a program. But one program must be selecting one program that suits for the project by concern every factor. Base on my experience and my skill I can code many software programs which one that I am going to select for this project so I must to experiment… More

visual creating

What did I do in this step? We designed the detail of each component in the exhibition. I design the visual presentation for the interactive wall the UI of the show your work interactive program. In the beginning, I intend to rough drawing the image style and the sentence for communicating with the people. I want to send the draft graphics design to another person in my team to drawing it again.   Why did I do this step? The graphic design, the detail design of every object on the exhibition should be created before coding the program or making the… More

summary the whole project draw layout out the exhibition

What did I do in this step? We create the conceptual design of the project. I draw the layout what kind of the exhibition look like. What the object will be displayed in the gallery? and Where are the position of each object? Layout and everything at the gallery should think before moving to design every detail for making sure the concept of the project is correct. Why did I do this step? From my point of view, I want to draw the layout and using it to communicate the concept ideas with my… More

find the technique for display

What did I do in this step? I find the technique that allows visitor playful with it. Someone in my group said only touching the sewing box maybe not fun. So I keep in mind and I want to find the alternative technique that has more fun. Why did I do in this step? From I has experiment the touch sensor I found that the touch area should be big enough for detecting the touch on the object. The sewing box is quite small and each box inside very small.  The real situation we can’t detect touching… More

Design content

What did I do in this step? I find the information about tools inside the sewing box, what is it and what is for? and think about the message that we want to communicate to visitors. Find the example image that matches to each message   Why did I do in this step? Initially, we intend visitor touch the sewing box and allow them to touch each element in the sewing box, so we must decide How many tools inside the box that we are gonna select and which one? And matching a message and a picture for each… More

Think about the comment, find the best way to improve it

What did I do in this step? After we have the discuss the ideas for the project. The idea for making objects is good but the prototype is not good (the thing that we want people to create is not good enough). I want to create some gimmick that allows people to create an object and after they finished they can show their work and their opinion about object and craft by write down on the card. I keep this idea in my head and continue to find the object that can answer the aim.     Why did I… More

Discuss for idea evaluation and selection

What did I do in this step? My group have met for discussing of our project and evaluated the concept idea of each prototype that we made is suitable for our project or not.  At this moment we have done the prototype of an object for the workshop, prototype of the big vase and prototype of the interactive sewing box. In this step is call concept evaluation and selection in product design.   Why did I do in this step? We got many ideas and came from many angle cause of unbounded creativity, and some idea may be divergent thinking. So we… More

Experiment more about making thing to represent recycle

What did I do in this step? Find the thing that can represent the recycle. Experiment more object that can make have fun for children and also represent the culture. I create the egg flip-flop adapt from Ester egg. I saw it from V&A Childhood museum. I mixed the idea paper mache for creating this object. Image I took from V&A museum of childhood the image from the website How can I experiment? There are steps that I made this object  … More