Project: 2.2 Physical Computing

this project will discuss what I have learnt in the class of physical computing and process that I the create social things project.

Social things-the first prototype of volunteer blackpack

A turning point of the idea for creating the volunteer tag to the volunteer backpack. According to the tag that I intend to create for the volunteer that allow public people can interact with volunteers. the volunteer tag design. The weak point of the tag is the touching point area is very small. The text for shall people to touch is unable to read clearly. So I will try to create another thing, volunteer backpack.   Where is the idea come from? Ethnography, a method adapted from the field of anthropology. Watch the target group of people. Watch… More

Social things-the flower of energy

I have to change the way for people of people encourage volunteer, full fill the energy. The big doll is very to build so I change the idea to create the big flower replace it.   Where the idea come from? In the natural flower will growth up with the energy from the sun, water, and some mineral. The oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas also the source for generating the energy for the plant. If the flowers do not receive enough water and sunlight will droop and close to die. If we represent the flower as… More

Social things- Volunteers Tag Design

Turning point of the design From my first idea of the whole system that allows older people interact with volunteers.  And the public interacts with the volunteer. The main problem on this tribe, volunteer for older people. One part is the problem that occurs with older people that I want to solve at the initial idea.  From my point of view and from the analysis of the possibility of success in this part is very hard to achieve, a cause of deal with time limited and ethic to study on older people.  So I change my angle to solve another problem which… More

Social Things-Human needs encouragement

Why people needs encouragement? Human beeing needs many things one of them is an encouragement. Most engagement initiatives are aimed at providing external motivation to people. Randy Conley points out the 4 basic human needs for engagement are that the need for trust,  the need to have hope, The Need to Feel a Sense of Worth, and the need to feel competent. If the 4 basic needs are not met human will leave their job. What about The sense of Worth?  Conley said we feel of self-worth from our work, whether it’s something we’re employed to do or whether we volunteer our time and effort. More

Social things-feasibility testing

The feasibility testing for the big doll For the big doll, I worried about how to build the big one wich can removable easily and how to make the arms move according to the sensor value.   the first one will be created by using string to make a body skeleton. the second one will be created by using air sac, like a balloon.   What is the appearance of the doll look like when attaching the sensor to it? How people interact with it?   Created prototype and testing. How… More

Social thing-sensor experiment

Sensor experiment for measuring the hugging I find the way that can measure the hugging when people hug the doll. For the scenario of my system. I use two dolls that can action and reaction to each other.  One doll represents sender action and another doll represents receiver action. It has a lot of the way to measure hugging force. But for my system, I want the arms of the receiver doll to have the reaction similar to the arms of sender action. So I choose to experiment flex sensor. The flex sensor can measure the angle (kind of) when we… More

Social things-the first prototype

The first prototype of my concept idea This is the general concept idea of the sense of love system. I intent to create the interactive system that allows volunteer, older people, and the public can interact with each other. The volunteer can show their status and show they are the good person. The public can give them kind of score for cheer them up to continue their work. The volunteer can send the sense of love to older people via the doll which simulates the real feeling of hugging and kiss. I will apply the technology mixed reality and internet of… More

Social things-the first idea

This step I must to apply physical computing knowledge to create a social thing for my tribe: volunteer for older people. The stakeholders for this tribe volunteer older people institutions   The story and background of volunteer for older people According to my collaborative work and research, I am a volunteer with two institutions: Age UK and Camden Community connector. They have many campaigns for dealing with older people problem.  The volunteer will apply to each project for helping staff in each campaign.  The volunteer for older people will work with the institution. Before being a volunteer everyone must pass… More

Homework#3-using library

Colour and Melody –Physical computing homework Try to mapping between colour and the melody. The colour will change according you play the different note. I used a touch sensor, LED colour and play sound using another program.   The example of my work.     The source code for this work #include <MPR121.h> #include <Wire.h> #define numElectrodes 12 //—LED #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> #ifdef __AVR__ #include <avr/power.h> #endif #define PIN 6 #define NUMPIXELS 11 Adafruit_NeoPixel pixels = Adafruit_NeoPixel(NUMPIXELS, PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800); int delayval = 500; // delay for half a second int… More

HW#2-Analog-Input output

The try to create the Fairy and the moon lightbox by using switch button and potentiometer. I use the button to change between two modes; auto and manual, On the manual mode, you can adjust the potentiometer, and the LED that setup on the moon will turn on and turn off according to the value of the potentiometer input.   Fairy and the moon   Source Code #define ledBoxPin 13 #define ledMoon1Pin 12 #define ledMoon2Pin 11 #define ledMoon3Pin 8 #define af1Pin 3 #define af2Pin 5 #define af3Pin… More