Project: Futures & Speculative Design

This project will discuss the speculative design. You can explore the whole journey that I research and design for this project.
The project start on 19/01/2017

Work in progress-research, experiment on human

Work in progress at UAL display studio Display the prototype, some idea of the project intent to gather the information opinion from people, from 30 Feb until 10 March 2017 @ Elliphan&Castal shopping center.    … More

Interim Crit presentation and feedback

The initial idea for the project: Robot nursery presented date 2 March 2017. From the information that I have research now, we are teaching the robot have ability like human What is the issue that I concern? What happens if technology in the hand of the wrong person? Can robot harm human? When robot have their mind (heart) Can you decide to kill them? Human or robot who is more powerful? Machine to Machine, Machine to the natural environment without human    … More

Morality test

The morality test is about what we should do in each situations, right or wrong maybe depend on the situation culture and norm of people in a community. More

Robot technology

Robot technology The robot technology is another one technology that influent me to think about what is our world of the future look like? We maybe see the robot everywhere, uncertainty situation. We know the robot technology still exist, but we do not know exactly it look like in the future. The history of the robot comes from human imagination. There is some history about the robot. Robotics: A Brief History A brief history of robotics – a timeline of key achievements in the fields of robotics and AI, from Azimov to AlphaGo 7 Early Robots and Automatons   I… More

AI technology

AI Technology This is the one technology that influences me to think about our future world. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence the aim of AI wants to create the brain for the machine. The goal of AI is able the machine can think and can do like human do. “Artificial intelligence is the study of the computations that make it possible to perceive, reason, and act”. [3,p.5] …. if what the brain does is computable it can be imitated by a computer [2] The goals of AI from engineering is to solve real-world problems by representing knowledge, using knowledge, and… More

When I turn to a robot !-AR technology

What is about this journey? I went to the IoT TECH Global 2017. I intend to look at new technology and want to know the current situation of this technology. This technology is the future it happens nowaday. I wear the magic hat that allows me can see information about the environment around me. More

Turing Lecture- the powerful of AI

What is about this journey? I went to the Turing Lecture on Thursday 19 Jan 2017. The lecture discussed AI technology, the theory behind them. This is not future technology but is the current technology that we apply in many areas. I was very interesting about the topic since I studied my master degree. I know the powerful of this technology. This lecture reminds me to think about the previous experience that I have learned before. And it also reminds me of movie that I have seen before too. The robot technology that comes in my mind. More