Project: 4.1 FMP/Thesis

My final major project and thesis will be discuss in this section.

Visitor observation-beyond design ethnography

nI went to London Transport Museum and Science Museum intent to observe how visitors interacts with the digital interactive exhibit. I watched them during they play with the exhibit, record sound and the conversation between each person.  The note about visitors behaviour that interacts with the exhibit. The exhibition called Who am I? at Science Museum, almost of the exhibit is screen base interaction. The exhibition designer put much game on to the monitor touch screen. Some of the input devices turn into the tangible things. The appearance of the monitor is hidden with the various shape of the sculpture.   Multi-monitor, allow visitor… More

Formulating a Research Question

Formulating a Research Question What is the research question?  A research question is a clear, focused, concise, complex and arguable question around which we centre our research. We should ask a question about an issue that you are genuinely curious about. Task: Generate a series of research questions from your chosen topic. Evaluate your questions and reflect on the kind of audience you are addressing, the clarity, focus and complexity of the questions. Reflect and focus your questions until you arrive at one.   After I did this task that led me to think about the main goal that I want to… More

Literature Review task-practice

Literature Review task Individually choose a topic from your collaboratively constructed mind maps as a starting point of your FMP/Thesis. Who are the key practitioners/theorists in that field? Analyse their approaches and map this out (arguments, counter-arguments, historical, contemporary, social, political, design approaches…). and then write it up. After I try to do this task the difficult thing is I can narrow down the area that I prefer to research so I can’t specific the content that must to write and find the other paper to support my idea that I intend to explore. I think if you can specify the area… More

Reverse Engineering Task

Reverse Engineering task Choose a project and then reverse the project to a project proposal include: Title, Field of study, Context, Rationale, Methodology/Methods, Predicted Resolutions, Organisation. I try to find the project that related research on interactive design for the museum, interactive technology for the museum, exhibit and exhibition design, new technology for the museum. It is very hard to choose one because some of them focus on technology than design. some of them are very interesting but didn’t tell the purpose, theory, methodology behind them. I didn’t know how to research in this field (exhibition, museum, interaction) before, but… More