Project: E-journey&Diary

the memory of the study and travel journey that engage and make some experience to me.

The experience from Ars Electronica conference 2017

The conference is very useful and inspires me very much. One of them that I found in this conference is that people try to create the new interface which we can interact with things surround us, not only activity in daily life but also the new interface that artist can perform their performance in an interactive way. An example of a new interface for the future is call Transparent Interface project presented by Yuri Klebanov from Japan. He shows three demonstrations for control the device. First, using object detection, we can use three objects in front of the device for… More

When I turn to a robot !-AR technology

What is about this journey? I went to the IoT TECH Global 2017. I intend to look at new technology and want to know the current situation of this technology. This technology is the future it happens nowaday. I wear the magic hat that allows me can see information about the environment around me. More

Turing Lecture- the powerful of AI

What is about this journey? I went to the Turing Lecture on Thursday 19 Jan 2017. The lecture discussed AI technology, the theory behind them. This is not future technology but is the current technology that we apply in many areas. I was very interesting about the topic since I studied my master degree. I know the powerful of this technology. This lecture reminds me to think about the previous experience that I have learned before. And it also reminds me of movie that I have seen before too. The robot technology that comes in my mind. More

STRATA The Mill’s responsive Biometric VR Experience

25/11/2016 @London Today I went to  V&A Friday late event. The themes of this event is about game and virtual reality (VR). I found many things that interested me. I played various in there. One of them that I think is very interesting is STATA; the system that using to collect a biometric information from user. The aim of this system want to collect the data of felling from user and then use them to create the virtual experience in application such as cinema, game which make the best immersive experience to user. They using the collated data to analog… More

New experience with 3D workshop: build the prototype

18/November/2016  UAL@London Explore tools that technician use to build the exhibit model, someone told me “if we know how to use them and know the limitation of the tools when we design or assign job to technician,  we will good at to command and understand every process”… More

What we get from this film: Merchants of Doubt

After I watched this film Merchants of Doubt, my opinion I think this film talk about politic and environment. I got an idea from this film about; The real data is important for make believe in people , the politicians is important role for society movement. From my point of view, when we (scientist)  want to communicate the data from the research is very hard to convince people to believe the data except we is the famous researcher or people already have suffered this problem. The hardest of scientist that want to inform the community to concern a problem is politic issue. More