Project: 2.3 Collaborative Project

International Women Day Party-Age UK

International Women’s Day Party Happy, Enjoy, Big smile, social interaction Today 3 March 2017, I went to International  Women’s day event. The event create for older people have a happy time together, host by age UK. I have a chance to help them service the lovely older people who joined the event. I serve tea, coffee, mike and sandwich for them. Only two hours for this event but make a value time for everyone, not only the older people but also people who are the volunteer too-I think.  … More

Teach older people to learn digital technology

How older learning digital technology? Is it hard or easy for them to learn technology? Today 24 Feb 2017, I joined Digital Clinic event as a volunteer at Kensington Park Road. The event is about advice older people who suffer from using the computer and digital technology. There are three volunteers and one staff from an organisation advice older people and help to solve their problem. I have a chance to advice one older people about using Facebook and using her iPad. The problem that she dealing with is about she want to delete old facebook account because of she write… More

Easy or difficult to be a volunteer

Easy or difficult to be a volunteer?  Can everyone be a volunteer? Today-23 Feb 2017 I went to volunteer introduction day of one community. Four people intend to be the volunteer came to this meeting. Two staff give much information about the background of the community, the current issue of the elder people, what is the volunteer, what is the community what to do, the rule that tells what thing we can do or can not do, the limitation or the bound between volunteer and older people, and the risk and how to protect the risk.   After I finished the meeting… More

The elder people and Science, Technology learning

Are the older people interesting to learn Science and technology? Primary research #1 I attend  John Wilson’s British Sign Language tour of Wonderlab for survey how the deft older people interact with the exhibit, How are they feel about sciences and technology.   The result: Wonderlab at Science Museum display exhibition about the bountiful of the world of Science. In this area allow people play with the interactive exhibit, discover the magic of Science the exhibition divided into seven topics: Matter, Sound, Space, Maths, Electricity, Forces, and Light. I found that adult people interesting to learn about science. They enjoy… More

The volunteer for elder people

The volunteer for elder people The older people have many problems to help them. The opportunity for the volunteer can assist them in many ways. The volunteer can have the chance to participate many projects which some organised by the government some is the foundation. The group of volunteer who helps older people must have and council or the organisation to manage and contact older people which can get in touch. The relationship of the volunteer is not permanent; some are the volunteer for the one campaign, some is one event, but the permanent is the organisation or the council. I find… More

The volunteer

The tribe of the volunteer: What is the volunteer? Volunteering is the voluntary giving of time and talents to deliver services or perform tasks with no direct financial compensation expected. Volunteering includes the participation of citizens in the direct delivery of service to others; citizen action groups; advocacy for causes, groups, or individuals; participation in the governance of both private and public agencies; self-help and mutual aid endeavours; and a broad range of informal helping activities. (From The President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives (1982) cited on PEGGY A. THOITS and LYNDI N. HEWITT (2001) Volunteer Work and… More