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The volunteer for elder people

The volunteer for elder people The older people have many problems to help them. The opportunity for the volunteer can assist them in many ways. The volunteer can have the chance to participate many projects which some organised by the government some is the foundation. The group of volunteer who helps older people must have and council or the organisation to manage and contact older people which can get in touch. The relationship of the volunteer is not permanent; some are the volunteer for the one campaign, some is one event, but the permanent is the organisation or the council. I find… More

The volunteer

The tribe of the volunteer: What is the volunteer? Volunteering is the voluntary giving of time and talents to deliver services or perform tasks with no direct financial compensation expected. Volunteering includes the participation of citizens in the direct delivery of service to others; citizen action groups; advocacy for causes, groups, or individuals; participation in the governance of both private and public agencies; self-help and mutual aid endeavours; and a broad range of informal helping activities. (From The President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives (1982) cited on PEGGY A. THOITS and LYNDI N. HEWITT (2001) Volunteer Work and… More

HW#2-Analog-Input output

The try to create the Fairy and the moon lightbox by using switch button and potentiometer. I use the button to change between two modes; auto and manual, On the manual mode, you can adjust the potentiometer, and the LED that setup on the moon will turn on and turn off according to the value of the potentiometer input.   Fairy and the moon   Source Code #define ledBoxPin 13 #define ledMoon1Pin 12 #define ledMoon2Pin 11 #define ledMoon3Pin 8 #define af1Pin 3 #define af2Pin 5 #define af3Pin… More

AI technology

AI Technology This is the one technology that influences me to think about our future world. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence the aim of AI wants to create the brain for the machine. The goal of AI is able the machine can think and can do like human do. “Artificial intelligence is the study of the computations that make it possible to perceive, reason, and act”. [3,p.5] …. if what the brain does is computable it can be imitated by a computer [2] The goals of AI from engineering is to solve real-world problems by representing knowledge, using knowledge, and… More

HW1# Blink LED

The freedom Fly “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein The simple technique but can visual our imagination.     Code… More

Turing Lecture- the powerful of AI

What is about this journey? I went to the Turing Lecture on Thursday 19 Jan 2017. The lecture discussed AI technology, the theory behind them. This is not future technology but is the current technology that we apply in many areas. I was very interesting about the topic since I studied my master degree. I know the powerful of this technology. This lecture reminds me to think about the previous experience that I have learned before. And it also reminds me of movie that I have seen before too. The robot technology that comes in my mind. More

Speculative Design

What is Speculative Design? Design for the public discussion, open up new perspectives, create space for discussion and debate about the future, a thing happening now, a thing will be going on in the future. And to inspire and encourage people’s imagination flow that situation.   “Speculative Everything is an internationally eclectic and idiosyncratic journey through an emerging cultural landscape of ideas, ideals, and approaches.” Dunne (2013) The another dimension that Dunne recommend for speculative design which separates from the usual design. There are the ideas for speculative design: critical, problem finding, asks questions, design as medium, in the service of society,… More

Interaction Design

What is interaction design? “Interaction is a way of framing the relationship between people and objects designed for them—and thus a way of framing the activity of design. All man-made objects offer the possibility for interaction, and all design activities can be viewed as design for interaction.The same is true not only of objects but also of spaces, messages, and systems. Interaction is a key aspect of function, and function is a key aspect of design.” ( Buchanan cited in Dubberly, Haque, and Pangaro)   Interaction design is design product or service that delivery some experience to people who interact with the system(space, physical… More