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Find information more about “play” and “toy”

Another feedback that I got from my tutor after summative assessment presentation. They recommend me to create something fun. So I just to find more information about toy and play. Find an example of toys that children love to play with it. Play, we have many types of play. I have quick look at Wikipedia to get some idea of this   There are 16 type of play  Symbolic Play, Rough and Tumble Play, Socio-dramatic Play, Social Play, Creative Play, Communication Play, Dramatic Play, Locomotor Play, Deep Play, Exploratory Play, Fantasy Play, Imaginative Play, Mastery Play, Object Play, Role Play,… More

Visit Horniman museum and gardens

Visit museum according to advice from tutor after formative assessment. I have presented most of the exhibition of The National History Museum of NSM Thailand is display animal stuff and model the model is can’t touch. I also present each museum have their exhibition character, each museum has different character base on content on that museum.  A discussion between tutor said that Arts museum and science is a different style for display exhibition. Some of my tutors argue that should not separate them out. So my tutor recommended me to visit this museum. Horniman Museum has display both Arts and Science in the same museum. They use science explain Arts. And this… More

The experience from Ars Electronica conference 2017

The conference is very useful and inspires me very much. One of them that I found in this conference is that people try to create the new interface which we can interact with things surround us, not only activity in daily life but also the new interface that artist can perform their performance in an interactive way. An example of a new interface for the future is call Transparent Interface project presented by Yuri Klebanov from Japan. He shows three demonstrations for control the device. First, using object detection, we can use three objects in front of the device for… More

New scenario of i-Bin

I will be live with you: i-Bin robot (i-Bin robot story 2- V.1)   i-Bin robot, i-Bin is an intelligent bin robot. It a speculative design project to propose a new system for the future when we are surrounded by robots. The robot will live with us, not only in our home but also in the public area. This robot design integrated with three technologies; Robot, IoT, and AI which allows machines to communicate with each other. The robots have their brain and mind. They can decide to do things by themselves without human control. Their decision making is… More

Social things-the first prototype of volunteer blackpack

A turning point of the idea for creating the volunteer tag to the volunteer backpack. According to the tag that I intend to create for the volunteer that allow public people can interact with volunteers. the volunteer tag design. The weak point of the tag is the touching point area is very small. The text for shall people to touch is unable to read clearly. So I will try to create another thing, volunteer backpack.   Where is the idea come from? Ethnography, a method adapted from the field of anthropology. Watch the target group of people. Watch… More

Social things-the flower of energy

I have to change the way for people of people encourage volunteer, full fill the energy. The big doll is very to build so I change the idea to create the big flower replace it.   Where the idea come from? In the natural flower will growth up with the energy from the sun, water, and some mineral. The oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas also the source for generating the energy for the plant. If the flowers do not receive enough water and sunlight will droop and close to die. If we represent the flower as… More

Social things- Volunteers Tag Design

Turning point of the design From my first idea of the whole system that allows older people interact with volunteers.  And the public interacts with the volunteer. The main problem on this tribe, volunteer for older people. One part is the problem that occurs with older people that I want to solve at the initial idea.  From my point of view and from the analysis of the possibility of success in this part is very hard to achieve, a cause of deal with time limited and ethic to study on older people.  So I change my angle to solve another problem which… More

Social Things-Human needs encouragement

Why people needs encouragement? Human beeing needs many things one of them is an encouragement. Most engagement initiatives are aimed at providing external motivation to people. Randy Conley points out the 4 basic human needs for engagement are that the need for trust,  the need to have hope, The Need to Feel a Sense of Worth, and the need to feel competent. If the 4 basic needs are not met human will leave their job. What about The sense of Worth?  Conley said we feel of self-worth from our work, whether it’s something we’re employed to do or whether we volunteer our time and effort. More

Visitor observation-beyond design ethnography

nI went to London Transport Museum and Science Museum intent to observe how visitors interacts with the digital interactive exhibit. I watched them during they play with the exhibit, record sound and the conversation between each person.  The note about visitors behaviour that interacts with the exhibit. The exhibition called Who am I? at Science Museum, almost of the exhibit is screen base interaction. The exhibition designer put much game on to the monitor touch screen. Some of the input devices turn into the tangible things. The appearance of the monitor is hidden with the various shape of the sculpture.   Multi-monitor, allow visitor… More