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Social thing-sensor experiment

Sensor experiment for measuring the hugging I find the way that can measure the hugging when people hug the doll. For the scenario of my system. I use two dolls that can action and reaction to each other.  One doll represents sender action and another doll represents receiver action. It has a lot of the way to measure hugging force. But for my system, I want the arms of the receiver doll to have the reaction similar to the arms of sender action. So I choose to experiment flex sensor. The flex sensor can measure the angle (kind of) when we… More

Social things-the first prototype

The first prototype of my concept idea This is the general concept idea of the sense of love system. I intent to create the interactive system that allows volunteer, older people, and the public can interact with each other. The volunteer can show their status and show they are the good person. The public can give them kind of score for cheer them up to continue their work. The volunteer can send the sense of love to older people via the doll which simulates the real feeling of hugging and kiss. I will apply the technology mixed reality and internet of… More

Social things-the first idea

This step I must to apply physical computing knowledge to create a social thing for my tribe: volunteer for older people. The stakeholders for this tribe volunteer older people institutions   The story and background of volunteer for older people According to my collaborative work and research, I am a volunteer with two institutions: Age UK and Camden Community connector. They have many campaigns for dealing with older people problem.  The volunteer will apply to each project for helping staff in each campaign.  The volunteer for older people will work with the institution. Before being a volunteer everyone must pass… More

Literature Review task-practice

Literature Review task Individually choose a topic from your collaboratively constructed mind maps as a starting point of your FMP/Thesis. Who are the key practitioners/theorists in that field? Analyse their approaches and map this out (arguments, counter-arguments, historical, contemporary, social, political, design approaches…). and then write it up. After I try to do this task the difficult thing is I can narrow down the area that I prefer to research so I can’t specific the content that must to write and find the other paper to support my idea that I intend to explore. I think if you can specify the area… More

First idea of the project i-Bin system

The first idea of the project i-Bin system The new system for the future which we are surrounded by robots, reboots are everywhere. The robot will live with us, not only in our home but also in the public area. The combination of three technology; Robot, Internet of things and Artificial intelligent technology, will be led the new technology that allows machines can communicate with each other and have their own brain and can decide to do by themselves without human control. The decision making is based on the knowledge which human teach the robot to do. Intelligent Bin system… More

Reverse Engineering Task

Reverse Engineering task Choose a project and then reverse the project to a project proposal include: Title, Field of study, Context, Rationale, Methodology/Methods, Predicted Resolutions, Organisation. I try to find the project that related research on interactive design for the museum, interactive technology for the museum, exhibit and exhibition design, new technology for the museum. It is very hard to choose one because some of them focus on technology than design. some of them are very interesting but didn’t tell the purpose, theory, methodology behind them. I didn’t know how to research in this field (exhibition, museum, interaction) before, but… More

Work in progress-research, experiment on human

Work in progress at UAL display studio Display the prototype, some idea of the project intent to gather the information opinion from people, from 30 Feb until 10 March 2017 @ Elliphan&Castal shopping center. What am I going to display? I set up some display include – the paper that tells the concepts idea about this project – a big robot model, intend to grab the attention of people and let them if the robot is very big and is bad robot how is dangerous for us. – a video that shows the current situation the researcher try to teach every human… More

Interim Crit presentation and feedback

The initial idea for the project: Robot nursery presented date 2 March 2017. From the information that I have research now, we are teaching the robot have ability like human What is the issue that I concern? What happens if technology in the hand of the wrong person? Can robot harm human? When robot have their mind (heart) Can you decide to kill them? Human or robot who is more powerful? Machine to Machine, Machine to the natural environment without human    … More