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Final-Prototype 2 Pocket Museum

The final prototype of Pocket Museum Pocket Museum is a new form of the museum that applies the physical technique to create the exhibition.  It is a new way that people can visit the exhibition without the limitation of the physical exhibition in terms of place, space and time.  Many useful exhibitions (special or temporary exhibitions) will be deconstructed in a short time after they have been displayed, so people cannot benefit from the experience of that exhibition anymore.  The Pocket museum is an alternative way people can share in the experience from that exhibition. The pocket museum will take… More

Find a way to create object in side the box

I am trying to figure out to the create mushroom, I want visitor feel soft when they touch the mushroom. And at the same time can show the detail of each mushroom as well. What the thing I have tried. sculpt it with oil cay:     for knowing the size of each mushroom. -Put a silicone on top of oil cay for test is fell soft enough -Using 3D printing   – Using a silicone mould – Using polymer  cay   After… More

coding the Unity program

It is the first time for me to using Unity program. It takes me many days to study how to use it. I just do a simple way to create an animation. I create a simple image in AI and them put the continue movement image into Unity.    … More

build the first prototype

experiment how to send data between two Arduino, and then experiment how to using Softserial to receive data from multiple Arduino. From the experiment I can’t use multiple Softserial to receive data at the same time, my Softserial port doesn’t work, but I the Arduino can communicate with the serial port, I can receive data from serial port. So I try to solve this problem because the system that I have designed need more one port to send- and receive data. After that I found another version of Arduino which have the multi-serial port for rx-tx data, it is called Arduino Mega. More

create User journey

How user get experience from the system the initial idea for the system and drawing the user action, how user interact with the system… More

Device testing

Testing is it possible to use this technique, RFID. I want to make sure I can use RFID technique in this project. Test it, how this technology work, what kind of information that I get from this system. It is the plan to making sure I can use and code and plan for using data from the system.   I put RFID reader underneath the human body, and simulate the real situation is it can read RFID when I put an object on top of the body.    … More

Find an technology for test an idea

The initial idea I want to create a system that allows user bring an object and put on cartoon dai cut that represents human body. the problem is that  I want people to put an object on human sense; nose, mouth, hand, and eye.  the system can detect what is an object that put on the body. For object identification normally we use a RFID. On the idea that I think technical team said I can’t use it because each point of human sense is close to each other. We can put RFID close to each other because of the omi signal… More

Create something for communicate an idea

I did a content reach of an exhibition that I choose for creating a prototype. I prefer to use Biotoxin exhibition of NSM Thailand as a case study.  I collaborate with recherche and Science educator about the exhibition. And find some information online. And then narrow down to choose just only one topic to create my project. Biotoxin exhibition is an exhibition talk about what is toxins around us, which is animal/plant poisonous and How to protect yourself and relive toxin when you face it. The main aim of making them aware and protect themselves. They communicate on many topics. It is divided into 5 zones. I choose 0ne of… More

Content research and Write a lesson plan

I didn’t know well about this topic, Biotoxin, that I prefer to choose to create a Pocket Museum. So I must to find more information and understand the content first. I contacted research back to Thailand, the content of one exhibition didn’t create from one researcher, I must contact many researchers to ask the specific content. Read the exhibition plan to understand an overall exhibition. Find more information on the internet. After I understand more the content of the Biotoxin exhibition, my tutor suggests me to create a lesson plan. The lesson is the plan is a teacher create for their teaching, How… More